Én Nail Spa Nha Trang - Nail, Eyelash Extensions, Massage

Yen Nhi Huynh NguyenYen Nhi Huynh Nguyen
03:59 06 Jan 24
Nourishing shampoo. I am very satisfied with the quality of service. The staff is very enthusiastic and cute. Will come back next time 🥰
Sydnie NguyenSydnie Nguyen
12:00 02 Jan 24
Phước NguyễnPhước Nguyễn
02:48 30 Dec 23
I am very satisfied with this service for shampooing and conditioning my hair.
Richard_ TRichard_ T
04:53 28 Dec 23
We visited Nha Trang for 3 days and they provided an excellent massage while I was there. My partner had eyelash extensions and nails done and was also very happy with the results.
Ny NyNy Ny
05:12 26 Dec 23
Feeling comfortable and comfortable, will continue to support
Kim LienKim Lien
05:26 23 Dec 23
Very good service, enthusiastic staff. Washing your hair is great
33.Diệp Thanh trúc33.Diệp Thanh trúc
03:26 23 Dec 23
Professional nail salon. I am very satisfied after getting my nails done and shampooing my hair
Claire MackinClaire Mackin
10:27 22 Dec 23
Excellent service. Nails were amazing and staff very nice. I would highly recommend!
Gia Quyên 28.Gia Quyên 28.
05:41 22 Dec 23
Good, comfortable, relaxing hair washing service
Phạm Bích VânPhạm Bích Vân
04:24 22 Dec 23
Good nourishing shampoo
Trịnh VânTrịnh Vân
06:41 08 Dec 23
Good service, enthusiastic staff
Duangtip PakdiDuangtip Pakdi
11:20 04 Dec 23
Super clean and great service. Even though, staff cannot speak English, but the communication went well. They are all very nice.
Dead DDead D
06:15 04 Dec 23
Good service
Ha CamHa Cam
10:24 03 Dec 23
Sebastian ChangSebastian Chang
09:16 29 Nov 23
My family and I went on a holiday to Nha Trang and saw the many good reviews of this shop and decided to give it a try. They had amazing customer service. The massage was theraputic and the nail artist wasvery talented. Very satisfied. Will definitely come back again!
Kỳ Anh Nguyễn HồKỳ Anh Nguyễn Hồ
06:52 29 Nov 23
Wash your hair with the lovely staff🤣🤣
nho vuonnho vuon
04:58 25 Nov 23
Enthusiastic and cute staff. Good customer service.
Tuệ Văn PhanTuệ Văn Phan
08:19 22 Nov 23
The shampoo is very good, the staff is gentle and enthusiastic.
none nonenone none
11:10 21 Nov 23
The staff was friendly and did a good job with the design I wanted. I am so satisfied.
Hằng GiangHằng Giang
13:33 18 Nov 23
Good service, friendly
Quyen LeQuyen Le
07:07 08 Nov 23
Enthusiastic staff and hair washing service here is very good
Kim Ngân TrầnKim Ngân Trần
09:21 07 Nov 23
You ladies do your work very conscientiously, 10 points
Olivia O 3 OOlivia O 3 O
09:43 14 Oct 23
Good service, ladies are very helpful ^^ 💕
huong dinhhuong dinh
04:27 14 Oct 23
Great. Friendly and enthusiastic staff providing very professional service. So come experience it guys ❤️

About Én Nail Spa Nha Trang

Located right in the center of Nha Trang city, conveniently accessible to the beach, Ponagar Tower, Long Son Pagoda, and many other tourist spots, Én Nail Spa Nha Trang is a must-visit destination if you are in need of beauty services and body rejuvenation. With its modern and refreshing design, Én Nail Spa Nha Trang offers a revitalizing and comfortable experience for its customers. Additionally, the ambiance filled with the subtle scent of natural essential oils and the melodious background music creates a relaxing experience for customers upon their arrival. With a team of thoroughly trained staff, possessing high expertise and a professional service attitude, Én will provide customers with the most wonderful moments of beauty and relaxation.

nhân viên ở tiệm làm móng Én Beauty Academy Nha Trang
manicure, pedicure, nail, eyelash extensions

Pricelist of Én Nail Spa Nha Trang

Hands and feet care


Why is Én Nail Spa Nha Trang highly rated?

  • Clean, modern facility
  • Experienced aestheticians and masseuses
  • Using high quality products
  • Personalized experience

Visit Én Nail Spa Nha Trang today and experience Nha Trang best beauty and spa services Én will bring you the best experiences, helping you stay confident and beautiful.

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